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Contracts :

PulseChain :          0x78a2809e8e2ef8e07429559f15703Ee20E885588

Ethereum :                0x78a2809e8e2ef8e07429559f15703Ee20E885588

ETHW :                          0x8B73F20c9f65Fc78B30e0635362Cb7178F4b9CE6

What is Meme Coin Mafia?

Meme Coin Mafia is a collection of meme coins on PulseChain.

We will create a collection of meme coins and airdrop them to anyone that holds $M3M3 ... $M3M3 can be held on any chain but the air drops will only occur on PulseChain .This will help to boost adoption to this new chain and ecosystem.

Who are we ?

Just like the founder of Bitcoin , we will remain anonymous but can often be found in the Pulsechain telegram voice chat.


Contact :

Tokenomics ?

999 billion fixed supply with random burns

Which blockchains are supported  ?

PulseChain , Ethereum , ETHW and Binance Smart Chain coming soon. Price discovery will be independent to each chain .We may add more chains in the future.

Roadmap ?

A collection of meme coins on PulseChain , a Meme DEX and an NFT collection  .

Please note there will be no time lines for any future releases. Have no expectations , this project is experimental !!!

Buy link :

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